Advice 1: How to come up with a login for mail

The username is the concept meaning your name in the system, be it email or an account on any website. Often people use the same login in games where recorded for a mailbox and other services. Other names of the login – nickname, a fake name, user name.
How to come up with a login for mail
You will need
  • - a computer with access to the Internet
  • - program browser
First determine for what purpose you will use this mailbox for which you want to come up with a login. If it's Inbox for work, it is advisable to use your name and surname, or combine with the name of the organization if it does not appear in the title of the e-mail server. It's quite logical for a working mailbox to make accurate information about name and surname when registering.
If you need to come up with the name of the mailbox that will be used for personal purposes, select one of several ways. Firstly, it is possible to use generators of nicknames that exist in the Internet. From there select the desired length of the nick, as well as letters that it needs to end or begin. For example, you can use the generator nickname on the site
Think about their Hobbies, maybe they can give you a component part for your login. You can invent a username, based on your preferences in music, art, cinema. Also if you are interested in studying any languages, you can take any concept that you can describe and translate it to another language, for example, Greek, or Spanish.
To invent a username, use the following crazy way. Close your eyes by placing in front of the keyboard, decide how many characters should be in your future login. Octopart fingers, number of fingers should match the number of characters in the supposed Nike. Next, put your hands on the keyboard several times from different positions, run the tap. This method also can bring the result: if you don't do with it, login, it can give you on the basis of those characters that you have succeeded.
Use the mirror method to invent a username. If the previous methods did not produce results, write your name or surname on a sheet of paper and read the opposite. It can also give you an idea, or you can use the resulting word as a login.
If you come up with a name for your mailbox and already pass the registration procedure, you will face the following obstacle: the login may be in use. There are two choices: to add characters to login (digits, for example, year of birth) or choose another server for email.

Advice 2: How to remember your login from the mail

Loss of access to the mailbox can result in serious and sometimes intractable problem, if you do not use special methods to reset a forgotten login. If you can't activate your account because of your own forgetfulness, all you need is to follow simple tips.
How to remember your login from the mail
You will need
  • a private business card;
  • – notebook, PDA and other devices for recording data;
  • – access to the Internet;
  • – access accounts on other multiplayer resources;
  • – a sheet of paper and a pen.
View e-mail on my business card in case if you have lost access рабоче1 mail or if the card indicated personal mailbox. The first domain address will be your username. This advice will help those who use the cards.
Pick up all working notes in diaries, notebooks, and other devices that are normally used for entering the information. If you have a notebook for recording all registration data, review the entries in it. You need to find the write your own mailing address. In notebooks there is a special liner for filling in personal data of the owner, where also there is a column of e - mailthat could be filled.
Remember, for what purposes you used this box, and who were in correspondence. If you have the opportunity to contact their email contacts, ask them to hold the archive of correspondence and to tell you the full name of your mailbox. In that case, if the box is mentioned at check-in social networks and other multiplayer resources, these are also available.
Try to remember the maximum number of accounts tied to the lost mailbox and visit each of them. Alternately, examine account settings and existing registration data that you have entered. They have to have e - mail.
Check the history of outgoing messages on the phone and in instant messaging, where you might transmit your email to any of the interlocutors. If in the archives of such information does not, try to remember who of your friends or colleagues you could ever give your e - mail.
Open the mailbox server on which is located the box with the computer that you used to activate your account one last time. In that case, if the browser settings when opening the box was activated the memory function of the login and password, then when you double click on the corresponding column a context menu will appear with a listing of usernames that have ever been entered into it.
Make a list of possible options login in that case, if the above recommendations did not lead to the result. Take a sheet of paper and a pen, and write all the existing usernames that you use now on the Internet. Try to imagine what could be login and password of that mailbox. Consider the fact that sometimes the preferred option, the mail server may reject as duplicate already existing mailbox. This forces users to remember the failed login.
But when the system notifies the introduction of a different login, the user is often only slightly modifies an existing one. Some services to help offer a list of possible options. Thus, make a maximum number of options for login and methodically try each one in the box to activate.

Advice 3: How to come up with a nickname for the game

Nick (or nickname) – a fictitious name, often used in various games. It will associate you and your character from other players. What will be more interesting and unusual your name, the easier it will be to remember.
How to come up with a nickname for the game
Good nick should attract the attention and arouse the curiosity of other players. It will quickly establish relationships and become known in the gaming world. It is best to use various associations. For example, if you play a warrior, fighting only with your hands, you can take Nik NOK charisse was". It will be associated with Chuck Norris and bring a smile.

Take a nick name of your favorite character from the book or movie. Better if it will be combined with the image of your character. Many such names can be found in the series "the Lord of the Rings" and "Chronicles of amber". Besides, there are whole generators, allowing randomly to create fictional names of epic characters.

Use the name

If you are going to hide your identity, you can in a nickname to use their name, but keep in mind that in most cases they will be busy. Imagine how much in the game Alekseev or Gennadiev. You can resort to a small trick and add to their nickname punctuation. For example, to place dots at the beginning and the end.

Another option is to replace the Russian letters in English. The letters "a", "e", "o" and some others have similar spelling, so the difference will not be seen. If the game is forbidden to use Russian and English letters together, can combine the name in some interesting way. For example, Ivan Alexandrov can be a Ivaleks.

If this method is not suitable, can use numbers or extra letters. Of course, nick is unlikely to be attractive, but you can use your own name.

Word game

Use of verbal nouns. "Reader", "the Destroyer", etc. You can take the words that characterize you, and you can just use any verb – it does not matter. Use adjectives. For Example, "Calm", "Nervous". They are easy to remember and bring a certain flair.

A separate group of nicknames – words-turncoats. Take any word and turn it over. Because of the "Dynamo" can get "Omanid". If a new word you don't like, just remove it or add extra letters ("Amanitis"). By the way, this method can be applied to names or surnames.

Correctly use numbers, especially their English sound. For example, the nickname "2zik" can be read as Fido. Most often used numbers 2, 4 and 8, as they are combined, "4fun", "sk8ter", "s2k", etc.
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