You will need
  • - a doctor working in rehabilitation (usually together therapist, neurologist, cardiologist);
  • - crossword puzzles, poems.
Treat the underlying disease. This will help greatly reduce the risk of repeated episodes of illness and will contribute to a more smooth period of rehabilitation after cerebrovascular accident. If a stroke happened, so there were reasons. In the elderly is hypertension, and atherosclerosis, in young - congenital vascular (elongation, tortuosity, and other violations of the building). Permanent adequate control of blood pressure, regular intake of antihypertensive drugs, compliance with hyposalemia diet will help fight hypertension. To combat atherosclerosis cholesterinspiegel useful tools, such as statins, Niacin, fibrates. Necessarily diet. With anomalies of development of vessels to fight harder, but in some cases surgical treatment.
Drink special medicines to improve memory as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Range of medicines, taken for this purpose is quite broad. Medication prescribed by a doctor depending on the characteristics of each patient. The main goal of treatment is to improve cerebral blood flow and reduce oxygen starvation in the tissues of the brain. In case of increased tone and rigidity of the vessels shown calcium channel blockers, in violation of neurohumoral regulation apply alpha-blockers, tranquilizers. Can also be assigned to antiplatelet agents, vitamins E, C, b, a nootropic drugs.
Train your memory alone. It is proved that the loss of memory to a lesser extent, occurs in people who regularly have an intelligent load. With this purpose, it is good to memorize verses, solve crossword puzzles, crossword puzzles, different logic tasks. As well as muscles from permanent loads gain strength and elasticity, the brain with regular exercise gradually accumulate experience. People in recovery do have something in common with a small child – someone re-learning to walk, someone to talk, someone take care of themselves. Much depends on the individual desire to live, to go forward.