If the original is a paper document and a copy thereof must also be received in paper form, you need a copy machine - Xerox. If access to it is not at home, at work or with friends, find any private company that provides Photocopying services - for example, a shop engaged in making copies of documents. In state institutions, related to the documents of the population, you too can make a xero- copy - these services are provided to tax offices, passport offices, pension funds, etc.
If a copy of the original paper document in electronic form, in addition to the scanner, you can use any modern camera, able to save the image file. These two devices (scanner and digital camera) will allow you to get the most high-quality electronic copy of the document. If the only important information contained in the document, and as a minor, you can use the built-in camera of mobile phone or laptop. Obtained by any of the listed devices files with copies of paper documents can be used electronically and printed using the printer.
If the original document contained in electronic form (in the file) and a copy thereof must also be a file, then create a copy using a computer program that is installed with your computer's operating system file Manager. To run it on Windows, it is enough to simultaneously press WIN key and E (Russian). Finding in the opened window the file that contains the original document, click on it once with the left mouse button, and then press CTRL + C and then CTRL + V. as a result, In the same folder will be a file with the same name as the original document, but with the addition of "Copy" at the beginning of the name.
If the document is in electronic form it is necessary to create a paper copy, it will need a printing device is a printer. If the computer is connected to such a device, open the original document in the appropriate size editor, press CTRL + P and the document will be sent to the printer. An alternative method can be used if the printer is not, and has the ability to send a document from the computer and get him on the phone, equipped with Fax. This method makes sense to use, if the paper copy doesn't matter.