Select the location where you will store the backup file. This may be a hard disk, DVD, or CD CD, record to any USB-compatible device.
A backup copy of the file or whole folder can be done manually. Create a file-copies a directory on the media you chose to store the information. Better to call it so that under any circumstances you knew that it is to prevent accidental deletion of that folder. After every change in the primary file, just copy it into this directory.
To eliminate the human factor and own forgetfulness, to backup files, you can take advantage of the many special programs which are freely available. In any of them you can specify copy settings – specify the files or directories you want to copy, place backup and copy settings: frequency, time making copies and the conditions under which the file should be copied. There is no point in copying each time all the files, specify that the copy should be only those that were changed in the current period. The copying will occur automatically.
To restore the original file if necessary, just copy it to original location from the backup media and rejoice their foresight.