You will need
  • - Dumbbell or barbell.
In order to allow the legs to a form that will need to work with weights. The most simple exercise that you can perform even at home is squats. To do this, bend your knees and sink down so that thighs are parallel to the floor. Deeper squats do not need to, because you can injure knee joints. In this exercise, the role of the weighting performed by the own body weight. To achieve results you must do at least three approaches on 15 repetitions each.
Lunges are done alternately on each leg. Make one foot step forward and bend it at the knee, almost touching the floor, then return to the starting position. After complete this exercise 15 times, switch the working leg and do a lunge on the second. After a short rest, do another two cycles of exercises on each leg.
The mass of the legs are also recruited when performing squats on one leg. As the exercise is fairly heavy, do it adhering to the hand support. Squat and rise slowly. Without prior training to do more than two or three squats on each leg is hard, but with the arrival experience, the number of approaches and the performance of exercise increases.
In the gym to build up your legs by using a special equipment. It is the leg press from supine position, as well as relief work out of muscles front, side, rear and inner thighs.
To more effectively perform any exercise for the leg muscles, picking up dumbbells or using a barbell. Weight weighting depends on physical fitness, but weights less than 5 kilograms of sense to take is not. Fitness for squats using special boduberu, which is a lightweight vultures and pancakes, while classes take bodybuilding more serious weight.