You will need
  • duralumin sheet thickness of 3 mm, metal scissors, cardboard, pencil, dowel, drill, cutting Board.
Draw a drawing of the future boat. Fishing boat needs to be stable and roomy, yet small and maneuverable. It is not necessary to do the keel in the front. The Americans and the Germans. For example, fish from boats, similar to the trough with the transom and the front and back. But these boats are light and lifting. In principle, the basis of the boat you can take any small ship, measure it and draw a drawing. The minimum height of the sides of the boat should be 350 mm. the angle of the transom to the water table should be approximately 30-400. Lightweight version of the fishing boats may not have a frames (of a set of cross frame) and stringers (longitudinal members). The stiffness of bearing elements, the sides and bottom, will provide the seat (banks) and plancher. The side of the boat in front smoothly into the sloping transom trapezoidal shape.
Draw a drawing on cardboard in full size and assemble the future of the ship. In the Assembly immediately reveal all the design flaws that are easier to eliminate in the design stage.
After making layout boats, transfer the markings on sheets of aluminum. Snips carefully cut out the parts of the boat. Make the necessary adjustment and hem.
Drill the holes for the riveting at the joints-the joints (allowances worksheet) hull. The holes should be arranged in two rows in a staggered manner with a pitch of 20 mm. the Distance between rows is 15 mm. Overlapping sheets of aluminum expansion joints – 35mm. Use the rivet shaft diameter 3 mm in the underwater part of the hull with countersunk head, in other places – round. Miss mating surfaces heavy-bodied paint to give it more integrity. Rivet body.
Mount along the top edges of the sides of pensiri of pine boards 100x15 mm. Nail plancher to the boards with galvanized nails. Rivet to the sides of the angled brackets and install banks (seats) also of pine edged boards 30х250 mm.
Cover the boat with primer and paint. Wait until dry and pull her into the water.