You will need
  • You will need a tray, a motor from any old toys, two batteries and two wires, duct tape and a small cut of a plastic bottle, approximately 5x2 cm
Option one – the boat of a plastic tray on these trays sell in stores meat and some other products).
In the center of the rectangle and make a small hole.
5mm stepping back from him, make transverse cuts, bend the blade in the direction towards each other approximately 50°. Next, attach the motors from old toys to the edge of the tray with tape.
Replace the motor of the blade. Connect the battery plus to minus. Loop them tightly with electrical tape. The remaining insights connect the wires and attach to the motor. Optionally decorate the boat, this work can attract the baby. The boat is ready for sea adventures!
The second option is a real ship from a plastic bottle. You will need a plastic bottle (any size), 3 sticks for masts (you can use old crayons), colored paper for the sails, scissors and clay.
Without removing the lid from the bottle and holding the bottle horizontally, cut the top so that the bottom formed a kind of container – ship.
On the bottom of the container glue the resulting three pieces of clay. This is for stability. From colored paper cut out three rectangles - one larger, two smaller. It's sails.
Top and bottom of the rectangles, make a small hole in them to insert the mast. Sails should not slide down. The mast with the sail stick in the clay.
Take a string, tie it to the bottle cap, then pull over the vehicle, linking the tops of the masts. Secure the thread at the rear of the ship, doing there little hole. For ballast on the bottom of the ship, attach a piece of clay. So the ship is ready to test the water. If the ship rests on the water is unstable, add another on the bottom of the clay.Make a few ships and arrange a real sea battle!