Fabricate the mold. Make it of boards and flasks of any size and type. The variant of break of the resulting box in several forms, by inserting the cross bars. Add in the mold of molding sand (75%), clay (20%) and coal dust (5%) in the specified ratio. Tamp the mixture well added.
Take the model which will be manufactured detail. Press your model in a well-compacted earth that you put in your form. Remember, your spin will depend not only on the quality of the items and the condition of its elements. Sprinkle the print with graphite and talc.
Prepare furnace (small furnace or muffle furnace). Take a steel or cast-iron bowl with a spout.
Take the aluminium and heat the metal. Soak it for 5 minutes after melting in the furnace for maximum heating.
Pour the molten metal in the form of a thin continuous stream, so as to prevent the erosion of the shape. Allow the aluminum to cool and harden.
Remove the product from the mold. Usually it will have some kind of rough surface, due to the specific properties of the form.
Treat the finished product. For this you can use sandpaper or grinder.
Model of your product ready. This is a great gift made with your own hands.