Do not use improvised material. Material for homemade boats, must comply with a number of indicators. It needs to be durable, lightweight and preferably not expensive. Based on these criteria, you can buy either durable plastic or not very thick metal. Plus the first is that if you crack the housing, it is easy to repair by melting the crack a piece of the same plastic. Plus metal in that hole it will be much more difficult.
Get ready for a trip to the store for materials. If you choose plastic, you need a welding machine for the shaping of the sheets and replacement parts for motor mounting. If you you are staying on a metal case, you should in addition to mounting bolts to buy sealant to seal areas bonding. If you save on Hermetica, a makeshift boat with a 90% probability goes down.
How to make the most of the engine <strong>boat</strong>
Pick up the motor. It may be a new outboard motor with ready blades, or bought at a flea market BU the engine from a scooter, moped or even lawnmower. When assembling a home-made blades, be careful with the test run of the engine. With a large number of revs you can damage the hands or the head.
How to make the most of the engine <strong>boat</strong>
Go build a boat. With the steel option. Fox bend in the center to result in two-meter oval. the leaves overlap each other and are connected by bolts. Bolt holes do the usual drill. Then walk the place of bonding sealant.
The plastic version is more demanding on the work. Seat fold need to Tinker and to connect with side parts and bottom of the same when a welding machine.
Watch out when installing the engine to the cavity does not touch the bottom of the boat. If the engine was originally not designed for "water procedures", to make it a protection of polyethylene or other similar material.
And most importantly, remember safety, do not overload the boat and not sail without a prior test drive. Otherwise, it remains only to wish a good voyage.