How can I determine my body type?

Today in the global network there are many special tests, allowing to calculate their shapes. This can be done for free. But the most reliable way – standing in underwear in front of full length mirror, carefully examine itself, and then measuring tape to measure:
- width apart;
- the volume of the breast;
- the width of the waist;
- the waist;
- width of hips;
- hips.

Bust, waist and hip must be measured, embracing the ribbon body. After that to judge your body type you need based on made measurements. So, the question of how to determine the type of shape, is half solved.

How do you know your figure type?

Standard classification includes the following types of female figures:
- an Apple, or a rectangle;
- pear;
- triangle;
- hourglass.

The most common type of body shape is "Apple", 2 – pear 3 – triangle and only 4 – those "hourglass".

Apple. This type of figure the width of the hips and shoulders are the same, waist is never brightly stands out, even if a woman is skinny. Typically, the legs of these girls are slender, not very rounded buttocks, and thigh straight. Girls with type figure "Apple" better in the chest, back, belly, and they put on weight mainly in the front. Sometimes puffy "apples" look like this: legs lean, shoulder width approximately equal to the hips, buttocks normal, and the abdomen protruding.

Pear. The owners of this type of shapes the width of the hips wider than shoulders, hips and more bust size, waist is clearly expressed, the outlines of the hips round and smooth. Usually fat in this figure accumulates on the thighs, sides and buttocks, the belly is rather flat, and the person recovering is not much.

Triangle. This body type hips width less than the width of the shoulders, hips and waist narrowed, and legs in the area below the knees thin and the pelvis is quite narrow. Such women usually get fat in the arms, face, belly, Breasts, inner thigh and over the buttocks.

Hourglass. This type of figure is equal to the width of hips width apart, and approximately the same amount of hip and breast, the waist is clearly marked, and hips are always rounded. Such women get fat evenly, they never have any problems with the disappearance of the waist. They also have a big bust and appetizing buttocks.

Many wonder how you can change your body type. However, this is usually a hereditary characteristic, and powerless against it technology. However, if you try to maintain good physical shape, you will look attractive regardless of this setting. And this will help you in choosing the right clothes.