To start with the "Dating" with any film. Let's say it's TV. Take a simple and trivial example. The vast majority of the population spend their time in front of the TV. So, saw the movie. As a rule, from the beginning, and somewhere in the middle. He was interested in. I want to watch the whole thing. Then proceed as follows.
If there is a guide, take it and carefully study. Find the right channel, watch time, finding the facts – the answer is found.If the movie is on a channel menu, which is not provided in the paper (say, a cable or satellite channel, the Internet to help us. Scored in a search engine the phrase "program guide", choose the suitable link and watch the contents. If there is – well, the goal is achieved. If not – resort to other options.
As you know, in the films are actors. As old as the world, but, nevertheless, the tip is worthwhile. If we are really lucky, and by chance managed to see any famous actor, then, again, turning to the Internet looking to see what movies the actor played in, then go to the sites where you can find information about movies. Then methodically enter the name of each film, examine the content, viewed the trailer and in this way eventually find what your looking for.
If for some reason you cannot find information through the Internet, there will always be best friends (or just friends, or friends of friends) who know the world of cinema, I watched a lot of movies and can advise on this or another issue.Here are only the most simple and obvious ways. So if you really want, even without Internet and friends will not hurt you to find out the name of a treasured film.