Organize a constituent Assembly, which should be more than 15 people, or 5 legal centres. The event should be accepted the decision on creation of the cooperative. It is also necessary to approve the Charter and to select the management body of the organization.
Write and assure at the notary the statement for the state registration of a consumer cooperative. Submit this statement to the registering authority for registration along with the following documents: list of activities of the organization; ownership or lease of the premises in which to house the co-operative; passport data and INN of the founders or the certificate of incorporation for legal persons; passport information and was the head of the organization.
Once the registration documents are received, make a seal and open a Bank account. You will also need to register extra-budgetary funds.
Develop and organize a system of control. You must submit an application to the Federal service for financial markets and provide to the organization a copy of the Charter of the cooperative, internal control rules, the order on appointment of responsible persons for addressing key issues.
Join the self-regulatory organization of consumer cooperatives. In accordance with paragraph 3 of article 44 of the Federal law of July 18, 2009 No. 190-FZ "On credit cooperation" you should do this no later than three months after its inception. Before joining the self-regulatory organization the society has no right to accept new members and to raise money from shareholders. If this does not happen in the legislation, the cooperative may be liquidated in accordance with the requirements of the authorized Federal body of Executive power.