Light hair can be painted virtually painless in any tone girl with dark hair, your choice is somewhat limited. Burning brunette will be difficult to obtain on a head of natural blonde. Difficult, but not impossible.
Women with dark hair paint manufacturers usually recommend coloring in a darker color to obtain a visible result. If you take the paint one or two shades lighter than the original color, the hair may appear only a slight tinge, visible sometimes only the woman.
To dramatically change the color of dark hair, they must be pre-lightened with hydrogen peroxide. Not only have initiative, be sure to go to the hairdresser. Complete discoloration should prefer highlights. In this case, the border between the already bleached hair and grow dark roots would look more natural.
If you want to dramatically lighten hair, repeat the procedure of highlighting 2-3 times, allowing to relax your hair at least 2 weeks between the individual procedures. It may happen that you will be completely satisfied with the color obtained by bleaching, and you will only have to refresh it every 3-4 months. Be sure to inform the hairdresser the next visit, I would like you to become even lighter or you just want to lighten the root zone.
But you can go further. Choose any color you like, ask them to paint. Bleached hair will become the selected color, and hairuntouched by the weave, will give the colours a slight accent, and, oddly enough, will allow the new color look more natural.
Natural hair color actually is never uniform. Separate the hair on the head may differ from each other on 2, and then by 3-4 shades. With the help of bleaching and subsequent color that is the same effect you will achieve. But again, trust the professional, independently you'll never be able to dye dark hair as he would have done.