To start prepare lightening mixture. To do this, take the powder white henna and fill it with hot water. Then wash the head. Apply the mixture on wet hair. Be sure to repeat the procedure with gloves, because henna colors the nails and skin. Evenly distribute the bleaching mixture on entire length of hair.
Put on hair a plastic cap. Then wrap it with a towel. Watch how the hair color will change. Wait 30-40 minutes. If the henna will start to burn the scalp, then immediately wash it off. In this case, the painting will have to be postponed.
If lightening went well, rinse it off lightening the mixture with water. Then dry the hair.
Follow the instructions on the package, prepare the required paint color. In no case, do not use a metal container. Chemical reaction of metal and the substances in paint can lead to unexpected consequences, and in particular a different hair color. It is also important to use a paint without ammonia. It is unlikely to cover your black hair color.
On dry hair, evenly apply the paint. Wrap head in a towel, as it did before. Follow the hair coloring. When you get the desired shade, rinse the hair with plenty of water. Dry hair. To achieve the best result, the procedure of bleaching is best done in stages, with a break of a few days. But if no time to wait, you can do everything at once.
It is best to carry out the procedure of paint in the hair salon rather than at home. Professional paint better block black color and are more gentle to hair than a conventional hair dye. Also, turning to the experienced masters of their craft, you won't have to worry about what color will be uneven, and the hair is permanently damaged.