You will need
  • - remover;
  • - hair dye.
To change the color of your hair 1-2 tones, keep in mind they were previously painted or dark color is your natural. If you plan to dye my hair a lighter shade by changing the color on a 1-2 pitch, use on previously coloured hair special washes. Then you will be able at once to give the hair the desired shade, but buying paint, make sure it is suitable for use brunettes.
If you plan to radically change your hair color and become a hot blonde, a redhead or have natural light blonde shade, you have to pre-lighten hair to give them time to recover fully and only then begin to stain.
To dye my hair from brunette to blonde you can with the least harm to hair, if you go to a beauty salon and ask the master to make you weave strands. After 1 month re-highlighting. By this method all the hair you'll paint for three months. This method causes less harm than the momentary lightening of the hair. Besides, you will have time to get used to a new way and finally make sure that you really want to be blonde.
Your hair turned red, you also have to pre-lighten them a few shades and then begin coloring in the color you want. If you try to immediately dye my hair from brunette and become a redhead, you only in vain will waste time. The dark color can be dyed in darker or change the 1-2 pitch, giving it a different hue.
Change hair color quickly, please contact the beauty salon, where professional masters will conduct a careful coloring, giving your hair the color that you wish. Elyuminirovanie, silk painting is elite ways without harm to the health of the hair to the desired color and dazzling results. Your curls will be perfectly healthy and shiny, but unfortunately, it is a pleasure rather expensive.