Ask for help to the professionals. You consult experienced specialists and will advise you that is right for your hair type. With a special jetting funds you withdraw paint from the hair. To expect absolute effect not followed, but gradually you will be able to return your hair color. Service remover paint hair you can get almost any beauty salon, but it is not cheap. But the result will be visible on the face.
If you don't have enough money to afford a beauty salon, then at home you can easily handle yourself. Buy a wash at the store. It is best to choose high-quality and well-known brand that you trust. Followed the instructions, go through the procedure. Remember that it is very stressful for your hair. For once you can lighten your hair only 1-2 shades, but often use a jetting tool, because it spoils your hair.
There is another method that will allow you to get rid of black hair in the home. Wash your hair the usual way for you. Then, lather the hair soap. Hold it for a couple minutes, then rinse. Already during rinsing, the black color will start to clean up. After this procedure, be sure to apply a nourishing hair balm. Many stylists and hairdressers advise to use soap when you wash of black paint.