To order this pattern in any design office or on the exchange of freelancing, where you'll choose from several comers of whose examples of similar work you like more. But if you don't need special design skills and a fairly simple, but Packed with information schema, you can do it yourself.
Those who make the sites, it is often necessary such a scheme, which is available for anyone showing the ability to get to the point marked on the map. Using the well-known Google Maps service, open to all comers, this can be done simply and conveniently. All the procedure is described step by step. Following the instructions, you will get the opportunity to build into your website a similar scheme.
The same opportunities are available and some of the other map services. To retrieve the schema of travel you can simply highlight the scale of the desired map and click "Get reference to the fragment when you insert the link into the HTML code and setting the size of the image, you will be able to create a scheme of travel or the location of your property on its web site.
If you are doing web programming, the diagram of passage can be done using maps of cities that exist on the largest map services – Yandex.Cards, for example. Go to him, look to your city using the zoom, select the desired fragment of address card, copy the screen by pressing the "PrtScr" in any graphics editor . Edit the resulting image – dice it and apply the colored straight lines, which indicate the traffic pattern to the object. You can insert any symbols and signs that help to navigate the terrain. Post an image explaining the inscription and your circuit is ready.