Advice 1: How to stop the appearance of moles

The appearance of moles is usually blamed on the omen, talking about the extraordinary luck of their owner. However, the real causes of such spots on the skin are of a more prosaic nature, often threatening human health. Be careful of such signs of "happiness" and do not delay with the visit to the doctor.
How to stop the appearance of moles
Limit your exposure to the sun. Ultraviolet negatively affects skin pigmentation and cause the appearance of new moles. This is especially true for pregnant women and people with extremely sensitive skin. If you love to sunbathe, and the window the hot summer, don't forget to use sunscreen. One should not treat this problem lightly, because of excessive exposure to sunlight moles may transform into malignant tumors.
Refer to the endocrinologist and the oncologist, if your body is going through menopause. At this time, hormonal status changes, and attenuated immunosassay system, which contributes to the development of malignant tumors. Experts will conduct the necessary examinations and prescribe concomitant treatment that will support hormonal balance of the body at the right level.
Check the condition of the liver. Often the appearance of moles is caused by the occurrence of diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis. Another reason might be the high content of slag. After the examination, the doctor will prescribe either a treatment or a liver cleansing and special diet.
Try not to disturb the surface of the mole. For example, women pull hair, and men hurt moles when shaving. This causes excessive blood flow, and melanoma involved in the formation of moles, begins to spread throughout the body. Needless to say that self-removal of birthmarks dangerous to health, because it can lead to large blood loss.
After experts examine your body and eliminate the causes of moles, try to remove them. To do this, use laser freezing or mechanical burn-in.
Useful advice
Periodically inspect the moles on the body. This will help prevent serious complications if some of them will begin to increase and the emergence of new formations take chronic.

Advice 2 : What do moles on the palm

Moles on palms is rare. Moles on different parts of the body can appear and disappear throughout a person's life, but that formed on the palms of nevi (moles), some palmists consider a sign.
What do moles on the palm

What does the color of a mole on the palm

Moles (nevi) may have a different hue. If you believe the specialists of palmistry, the meaning of moles depends largely on its shade.

If the nevus is red, then that education carries a very negative nature, according to the palmists, the color red portends disaster and serious problems in his personal life.

The light color of moles has a positive value and warns about such a joyful event in the near future, like a wedding, profit, promotion or birth of a child.

The black color of the nevus - a very good sign. Black mole, especially if it is located close to the center of the palm indicates the financial well-being.

The yellow color of a mole indicates problems with the circulatory system.

Location of moles on the palm

Palmists determine the value of moles by the fact, on what part of palms it is located:
the mole is located on the line of the head warns about the likelihood of a head injury in the near future;
- the location of the nevus on the life line indicates that you should pay more attention to the state of his health;
located on the line of Venus can indicate problems with the urinary system and the reproductive disorders;
- a mole on the heart line indicates a problem with the vessels, also a nevus on this line may be the prelude to a disappointment in love;
- the presence of moles on the line of the Sun is evidence of small failures, the rumors and gossip of others;
nevi on the line of fate portends loneliness;
located on the line of Mars suggests that you should be more decisive and active;
- the presence of a nevus on the line of intuition, as well as the line of mercury, it foretells success in Affairs.

Moles on the left and right hand

Great value palmists give that kind of palm are moles. For example, if the mole is located on his left hand, it may indicate the presence of hereditary diseases. However, there are positive moments in the presence of a nevus on the left hand, because palmists believe that the owner of such moles have all chances to meet a happy love.

The presence of moles on the right hand says that their owner is the bearer of powerful positive energy. Usually, such people luck in business.

In any case, if moles change color or begin to increase in size, should immediately consult a doctor. In any case it is not necessary to remove moles, as this can lead to irreversible severe consequences.
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