What can be done with permanent makeup

With the help of permanent makeup you can:
- change the color and the shape of the eyebrows;
- visually change the shape or the shape of the eyes;
- to make eyes more expressive;
- fix asymmetry of the lips to improve their shape or to add them a more intense color.

In addition, permanent makeup can camouflage scars, postoperative scars on the face and some birth defects. However, in each case, the effectiveness of such masking can predict only specialist. Like any other complicated procedures, this kind of makeup there are some pros, cons and contraindications.

Permanent makeup: the pros

With permanent makeup you can save your time and effort. You do not need every morning to sit for 20-30 minutes in the mirror to bring your face in order. You Wake up attractive, with a ready-made makeover. And in the evening you will be spared from having to remove makeup, carefully applied daily.

In addition, you will look perfect every day. Agree that not every woman is able to apply makeup as it does a professional makeup artist. But if your job is physically demanding (for example, you are a trainer in the fitness room or the instructor in the pool) or assumes the presence in humid, hot environments, "makeup on the run" you will need a few times a day. In this case a permanent tattoo is a reliable and fast solution to the problem.

Another definite plus of this treatment is a rejuvenating effect. Permanent makeup eyebrows and lips visibly rejuvenate your face, give him back his clean lines and bright colors. You are tired of the fuzzy contour of the lips or natural eyes? Tattooing can help to change it, making you a real Cleopatra. In addition, permanent makeup will allow you to correct the curvature or asymmetry of the natural line.

Scars in the corners of the eyelids, lips or eyebrows, the effects of herpes and unwanted moles you can safely hide from the views of others using this method.

It is known that the woman in his life eats more than one kilogram of lipstick. With permanent makeup you will no longer have to drink tea with the taste of makeup. Permanent makeup also makes life easier for women who have problems with vision. Girls who wear lenses or glasses, you will not have to take a hard look in the mirror in an attempt to equally apply eyeliner on both eyes.

Finally, permanent makeup - a great way for Allergy sufferers who can't put on the usual face makeup. When tattooing allergies can cause anesthetic, which is applied during the procedure, but quality paint is almost harmless. Ideal for those who can't put on the usual face makeup.

Permanent makeup: cons

Cons of permanent makeup it is possible to note the impossibility of change. If they affected only the lips, you can easily make up their lipstick a different color, but with the tattoo of the eye cannot do anything about it. Usually have to spend in the same way for at least six months, even if the tattoo is already tired.

High risk and unpredictability. It is very important to find an experienced and professional permanent makeup artist. If the artist is incompetent, it can pick up pigments wrong, to spoil the natural beauty, causing uneven makeup, to put some kind of infection non-sterile devices.

Correction of errors of such a tattoo (if they can still be addressed) is associated with additional costs, damaged nerves and mood. And well, if you have an Allergy to untested cheap dye. However, such problems can still be avoided by applying proven salons or find a master on the recommendation of their friends.

A month after the procedure, you will need to return to the salon to correct minor inaccuracies and omissions committed by the master during operation and caused by the individual characteristics of your body. Further correction should be carried out as the fading or disappearance of makeup. Their frequency depends on the pigment used in the procedure, and the depth of its introduction.

Another disadvantage of permanent makeup is a pain. Alas, it will have to endure. When tattooing is used anesthesia, but it all works differently. In addition, it can cause allergies. The most painless is the tattoo eyebrows, because they have less nerve endings than the lips and eyelids.

After the tattoo of the lips increases the risk of herpes, and therefore before the creation of the permanent makeup this zone needs to take antiviral course. After the procedure, your face may swell for a period of from 30 minutes to 3-4 days. It all depends on the materials used and the individual characteristics of your body.

High quality tattoo will gradually disappear, but if you do not wish to wait, you will have to remove the makeup with a laser, which are quite costly.

Permanent makeup: contraindications

Absolute contraindications for permanent make-up is a serious illness:
- severe diseases of the cardiovascular system;
- hemophilia;
- diabetes;
- hepatitis;
- Oncology;
- diseases of the blood;
- tendency to form keloids;
- skin diseases (especially psoriasis);
- epilepsy.

Question: during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Future and nursing mothers harmful the stress caused by the pain during the procedure. In addition, the possible emergence of Allergy to anesthetic.

Permanent makeup lips can not be done in case there any problems with the lips (peeling, cracks, etc.) until their full recovery. Tattoo eye not to do when blepharitis, conjunctivitis, and inflammatory diseases of the eyelids.

For colds you should wait for full recovery and only then exposing the body to a new stress.

Summarizing, we can say that tattooing is not so terrible. In addition, it enables to solve a lot of problems with appearance without surgery and save a lot of time and effort. The main thing – correctly to choose a master professional, who specializiruetsya it is on permanent makeup.