What dangerous moles

Doctors call moles nevi, they are almost every one of us. This benign formation of rounded, convex or flat, of a brownish color in various shades.

The nevi have one important feature: they cannot be touched. It is impossible to massage, comb, subjected to prolonged UV exposure, high temperatures. But it is especially dangerous to injure moles.

A nevus is a community of millions of melanocytes – cells that produce the pigment. He gives the mole a brownish color of varying intensity.

Due to the injury of melanocytes may transform into cancer cells. These cells begin to rapidly divide and provoke the emergence of the most dangerous skin tumor melanoma. Treatment it can be only in the early stages of development.

What to do?

If the injury nevus happened, try to treat it with a solution of hydrogen peroxide is needed to stop the bleeding and disinfect an open wound.

Then dry with a sterile cotton swab the affected area and protect it from infection a bactericidal plaster.

Not shelving them, contact a dermatologist, surgeon or go to emergency room.

Injured, and also netravmirovannymi but potentially dangerous nevi, in order to prevent their transformation into cancer cells are removed. For this purpose different techniques. You can remove a mole by surgical scalpel. You can cauterize it with a knife or electrocoagulation laser beam. Nevi also removed, exposing them to repeated irradiation with radioisotopes. Used cryodestruction of tissue destruction with liquid nitrogen.

All these methods differ in the severity of the cosmetic defect. Because the skin are usually small scars, redness or white spots.

Who is at risk?

The increased risk for development of cutaneous malignant tumors include:
person in the family which relatives, especially close, were already suffering from melanoma;
- people with more than two dozen nevi, as well as many age spots, freckles;
those who tans a lot and suffered at least one big sunburn, and then "peeled off" skin;
the blond and red-haired people, the owners of blue or gray eyes, pale skin.

I advise everyone

Traumatized nevi are very easy, especially convex and overhanging. It is therefore important to observe safety precautions.

Tanning, do not drive yourself to heat stroke and sunburn! Lubricate the skin cream with a protective composition from ultraviolet rays. Fly in a hot country, when the sun was not so debilitating.

Do not wear too narrow clothes, to the moles weren't injured due to the friction of rough fabric.

During water procedures, use only soft sponges.

Be especially careful to devices for shaving.

Care for their appearance, not yank and not from pluck mole hairs shorten them with scissors.

Consult your dermatologist and remove moles that are in areas of potential injury: on the chin, chest, belly, crotch. The removal procedure plan better for autumn or winter, when the effects of UV on the operated skin is minimal.

Watch out for newly appearing moles. You should be alerted if they suddenly start to grow rapidly and change its color, shape, or crack, peel off, hurt. Take the time to see a doctor!