Extend patent work at the end of its duration if in your plans is the continuation of the work on the territory of the Russian Federation. It is known that the duration of a patent is to conduct recruitment activities may be extended for a period of from one to three months repeatedly. The total duration of sustained power of the above-mentioned document, including its periodic renewal, may not exceed twelve months.
Pay the tax – a fixed amount in the form of an advance on the income. Then the validity of the patent will be automatically renewed. The amount of the advance payment is calculated based on the period for which you want to extend the patent. For foreign citizens is a fixed tax equal to one thousand rubles.
Pay your taxes in a timely manner. In this case, to apply to the migration service is not necessary. The payment of the aforementioned tax can be made at any Bank of the Russian Federation.
Keep all receipts of payment of taxes, otherwise, the effect of a patent on work can be terminated. Receipts is a great way of confirming that the foreign citizen is perfectly legal employed citizen of the Russian Federation.
Apply for a work permit in addition to the patent, if you are employed at an individual entrepreneur. If you are an employee of a legal entity for the performance of their duties legally sufficient patent to work.
Contact for the renewal of a patent for work in territorial bodies FMS of Russia, if the effect of this document was discontinued. The reason for this can be unpaid time tax, and the expiration of one year from the date of issue of the above document.
Apply for a new patentwhen the validity of the old reaches twelve months from the date of issue. The results of the new document, allowing you to work without breaking the law, be done when there is registration.