Please be patient - the period for obtaining the patentand is 1.5-2 years. Operates right for the invention for twenty years. The patent can get all types of persons, physical and legal. Application for obtaining a patentand represents the submission of documents to register a patent. For starters who wishes to obtain a patent on his invention it is proposed to check the object for uniqueness. If the object is unique, you can fill out an application. From the correctness of the application depends on the fate of the issuance of the patent.
Write the request on issuance of the patentand on the form, or type on the computer in the Russian language on the following plan:- state the fact of creation of the industrial design; - describe which branch of engineering is your field; - write the essence of your discovery;- describe the drawings, if any;- make a description of the images in the photographs, if any;- present the results of the operation;- explain in detail the place and area of use;- tell us about these devices, if they exist; write the formula of open, useful object.
Make the abstract, which describe as much detail as my invention: name, where applicable, the nature and outcome of operation. In the abstract add graphic objects and pictures.
Pay the state fee. If the application sends the author a patentand then receive a 50% discount. Write a separate request for discounts.
Send your application in ROSpatent: statement 1 PC, description 3pcs, 3pcs formula, abstract 3 piece, 3 piece pictures, the original payment of duty and if need be, request for discounts. Send, sealed in an envelope of A4. You can make a statement on the patentand can use the services of a patenttion is checked.