Send us an application for a patent. A patent is issued by the state body - the Federal service for intellectual property (Rospatent). The patenting process of a product is a long and quite expensive, so patenting a product is necessary only when there is confidence in the necessity of this and in the further return of the invested financial means.
Initially, you must conduct a patent search to make sure that a patent for a similar invention has not been previously issued. If a similar invention is registered, will have to prove that your better, more economical, etc.
Patent search exercise as through special websites of international patent organizations and via the search in the regional library in the international classifier of patents.
However, an independent search - it is very long and troublesome. In addition, there is a risk to make a mistake, so it is better to hire a patent attorney — it is more reliable.
At the time of filing with Rospatent is necessary to prepare a package of documents describing the subject of a patent application, specifications, drawings. Pay the state duty in the established size for the application and for the examination of the patent and be patient.
The timing of the review of the patents are quite large: up to 2 months for formal consideration, and, if the patent went through this stage, will do a detailed examination, which lasts up to 1 year, then you will be given a long-awaited patent.