It is best if such a meeting will be held at the native school. Or at least its beginning, so to speak Grand part. Because most of classmates long since left his native town, left for the country. So, to see your old school, your class and teachers, is perhaps the most exciting point of the match.
To get started, create an initiative group of the most active and those who have the opportunity to organize the event. Determine the date of the meeting.
Give plenty of time, because people must calculate your vacation, some will have to spend a lot of time to organize your trip to the meeting from another country. Others must decide who to leave young children. Someone else will have time to work out production issues. Best option since the announcement of the meeting to be 2-3 months.
Prepare the invitations. Of course, everyone now has a phone and email, but nothing beats the feeling when you print the envelope, and out falls a colourful and drawn with humor, an invitation to a meeting of graduates.
Gather your old school photos and make a collage. In the first minutes of the match, almost unknown men and women, it will give the ability to quickly build rapport will give a sense of belonging and will bring you back to those early school years.
In advance, make the program. It would be good to go to school, go to class, sit at their desks. Here you can invite your old teachers that still remember you and talk about your children's antics. You can also conduct a survey on the achievements of each over the years. Let everyone goes to the Board and says what he has achieved, what you haven't yet.
Consider in advance the questions that will be ask, add jokes, humor. You need to consider the program so that such reports do not become boring listings of business as usual Housewives or brag of successful business people. You can even hand out pre-questionnaire with a funny life questions. If you have prepared various competitions, humorous diplomas and medals, this is the second part of the program.
Of course this meeting can't do without the Banquet. So pre-order at the cafe tables, well, if it's a separate room. Then no one will disturb you to surrender to the school memories, to arrange various competitions, to dance, to have fun and talk.