Consider what style will be your meeting, what you expect from her. It can be as simple as sitting in a cafe or at your home, party at the school or in another school which you finished. You can invite not only class mates, but also teachers and alumni of other groups.
Now try to find all the right people. Call those with whom you are connected, try to learn from other graduates. Take advantage of the various social networks. At least, advertise about the meeting or ask someone to help you connect with alumni. Also do not neglect word of mouth in your city.
At your disposal there must be a few months to settle and resolve all organizational issues. Consider all the possible and interesting topics for conversation. A good idea is a theme party. Get creative, remember the important events that occurred in the year of issue. Pick up the music of those years and clothes in that style, refresh your memory with photos. Warn participants of the meeting about the theme nights such as "nostalgia". Try to precisely reproduce the spirit of the time with makeup, hairstyles, clothes and performers.
Find a suitable cafe or decorate the apartment. Prepare a video presentation and films (optional) and find the old albums General pictures. If you have the opportunity, arrange a pleasant surprise - invite to your party a professional DJ or a local celebrity. May be asked to speak someone from the alumni.
Go to a karaoke bar, arrange contests, but do not forget that the main purpose of the meeting is communication. Try your party to trigger only positive emotions and memories.
Buy gifts for all the invitees, it could be flowers or small Souvenirs. Think about the financial outlay, you can arrange a meeting alone or to divide the costs among all invited, in this case, you should warn them about it.