Decide the purpose of the meeting:
•a narrow circle of like-minded classmates;
•all classmates without exception;
•classmates and favorite teachers;
•classmates with the second halves and children;
•the release of the n-th year of your school;
•all graduates of your homeroom teacher;
•all graduates of the school.
Today our goal is to gather classmates and favorite teachers.
"One man is no man". Need to find like-minded people from among their classmates, and to establish a working group. And the work will be considerable.
For starters, you need to set the date of celebration. Date it is better to discuss with a small group (faster will be able to come to consensus). The shortest time is not an option for the preparation of the evening meetings. All your classmates were busy people, scattered in different corners of the planet. To include evening meetings in their schedule they need time. Yes, and you need time to search and alert classmates. Sufficient time must be at least two (and preferably more) months. To coincide with the evening meeting to the calendar holidays (New year, March 8 etc.) is not necessary. Plans for additional weekends people form in advance. In addition, you may experience problems with the booking of the venue for the evening meetings.
Date is known. Begin to inform about the upcoming event to their classmates.
•write letters;
•create a group in social networks, where we invite their classmates and teachers;
•place information in the media in the region.
All classmates need to provide names and phone numbers of members of the working group.
With the support of classmates and realizing how many people are going, we begin to come up with a theme of the evening, and is determined by the venue.
1) "Disco 70's" (80s, 90s). Music youth, will awaken the drowsy senses. Feet and the hands themselves remember the popular dance moves. I'm afraid not remember? You can invite a dance teacher who will not only show you how to move in the rhythm of the dance, but will also hold a dance competition.
The options: a cafe, restaurant, disco, school auditorium.
2) "Ah, potatoes, potatoes. In the skin of ember". The most fun school days began in September. Already go to school but not to class. Together the entire class to go on the potatoes. We'll have a contest. Whose link more potatoes will collect. Who cleans faster. Who will cook delicious. And for common Affairs and the conversations more fun.
The options: the summer house of one of his classmates, the holiday village, a clearing in the woods.
3) "speed Dating". No, no, no. We won't meet new people. At the evening meeting of graduates there is little time and want to talk to anyone. We will learn the news of their classmates and teachers. What events happened to them after the prom. Three, two, one! Go!
The options: classroom, café.
The case for small. To negotiate with host, DJ, photographer, buy flowers and / or gifts for teachers.
Almost forgot. Sources of funding the evening meeting of graduates.
•"Purse 1" - flat fee from each participant.
•"Dutch treat 2" - who how many can, within reason.
•"Who is it" - the activists started the meeting, they pay.
•"Sponsorship". Surely one or several of your classmates have their own businesses, and they are happy to take payment of the expenses (all or part). Pleasant meetings and memories!