Advice 1: As the final mark in grade 9

Ninth grade is a special time in the life of the school. It was after completing his studies in him know before the end of the training there is very little. And it was after the ninth grade is issued a General certificate of education, which, after leaving school, you can enroll in various training institutes. Therefore, the question of how the final mark in grade 9, should be treated with the utmost seriousness.
As the final mark in grade 9
First and foremost is to understand how students jointly plan the final mark. It may be a couple who communicate with each other person and the whole class (often happens that way), and even the entire parallel when teenagers in her friends. From this information and assumes the scale of the planned event.
Then, identify the number of people, you can think about the venue. If your budget is limited, it is good to hold the exhaust in any place of public resort: Park, wooded area, waterfront or anywhere else. Money is not very much, basically it will have money for food/drink. If resources permit, the range may expand with clubs, cafes, entertainment events, and the fact that enough of the imagination of parents and their children. In this case, the money will take longer, but parents will not have to headache about what will the children do, what they will eat and drink, what they will do.
You should think about how to get to the venue. Most often chosen public transport. Cheap and cheerful. Angry especially, because often the children have nowhere to sit, and they themselves often become a headache for the conductor and surrounding the children adults. Therefore, a rational way for a day or two to remove a bus/minibus which will be able after the official part of the school to meet the children, take them to the place, and then breed them at home.
In order to celebrate the prom in 9th grade, it is necessary to arrange not only a festive event in the school, but also to organize entertainment programme for students, their guests and relatives. So, where would the final mark in grade 9? The portal of megabal offers you the organization and conduct of the graduation ceremony for the 9th class, for example
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Graduation grade 9 is an important and solemn day for students and their parents: for students - an excuse to wear gorgeous dresses, and all together – an opportunity to celebrate the end of a difficult school year. In short, if the need for the exhaust You have already decided, the next step is the choice of the place of celebration. Where to hold the graduation from the 9th grade?

Advice 2: How to spend prom in the 9th grade

Prom is a celebration that happens once in a lifetime. Obtained General secondary education. And already behind unlearned lessons, fun changes and school pranks. Many of them will become students of colleges and vocational schools, and those who remain at school will feel like adults who can make independent decisions. So this evening I want to make sure that all graduates have only good memories.
How to spend prom in the 9th grade
Usually prom is carried out according to the scheme: the first is the official part, the second Banquet, the third a disco and, of course, meet the morning dawn. To graduates do not get bored need to develop a plan for an individual scenario. This can be a prom on the boat or outdoors. Or even the ball at the Palace. Definitely on the holiday should be a sound, because no prom is complete without musical programs. The presence of the DJ will decorate the celebration and make it youth. Pay special attention to the selection of the leader, because he set the tone for this event. Also relevant are services photo and video, because in the memory of graduates should remain memories of parting with the school.
The official part. All the kids are waiting the moment when will be able to go on stage and get a diploma. Extend them this moment. To do this, preludiu for the ball. Basically before the holiday the graduates gather in the school yard, where there is a large number of spectators. Turn on the festive music that "former" students would line up before school. After shall sound waltz – dancing all the alumni, and viewers admire the beautiful couples, hair, and faces. The preparation of the dances is desirable to involve the choreographer. And be sure to spend this part of the celebration without words. Only dance and music. After the execution of the dance numbers invite to go to the school ninth-graders, in the Wake of which are guests. And then you can start the official part of the prom.
How to spend prom in the 9th grade
The Banquet is an important part of the celebration, such as prom night. This is the first formal event in the lives of children. The Banquet should be different with excellent food, good service, and of course, solemnity. Be sure to discuss in advance the menu at the parent meeting. Good are meats, normal salads, julienne and meat with a garnish, because often on the tables of graduates remain untouched gourmet salads and fish. From drinks it is better to give preference to Morse, it is well removes thirst and inexpensive. The table should be low-fat for the stomach of a teenager.
Disco will enhance any youth festival. Experienced DJ, huge music repertoire, sound and lighting equipment, modern hits of discos – all this you can arrange at the school. Be sure that kids won't want to leave it until the morning. And to finish prom can meeting the morning dawn.

Advice 3: How to remove the exhaust

Most of us spent in secondary school, the best days of your youth. In school appeared first friends, first love, in school we learned the first lessons about life. To memories of school and the prom is never erased from the memory, it is enough to remove the exhaust in the video. However, videography is a serious camera work, do you want the rules, otherwise the review of this memorable and important events will result in deep disappointment.
How to remove the exhaust
Be sure to take a second battery for the camera and spare tapes or Flash memory cards. Graduation usually lasts long enough if you are going to remove not only the ceremonial part of graduation.
At the time of graduation must be removed each graduate: his announcement on stage, the excavation, presentation, applause, congratulations. This is the main part of the prom.
Remove both stationary and in motion. For example, building is better off standing still with a tripod. You need to find a convenient point, by which the column will pass all graduates. Do not turn off the camera until the last man. Can with the camera to complete the series if the graduates are in place. Feel free to move, to approach, to move the camera.
He prom usually happens during night time. So it would be nice to have the backlight for the camera, not built-in and external professional. Bright lighting will make the picture clear, sharp and will not miss a single detail.
Dilute his film close-UPS of pupils and teachers, as well as scenes in the school hallways, in the cafeteria, in the schoolyard. In the future these points very well can be beat in the film.
Remove the graduates dancing at the ball as if you behave. Walk between the guys pull out their faces (you can slightly shake the camera) and then step aside for shooting.
It is recommended to remove the sunrise in advance, preferably from the same point, where he will meet graduates. The camera is mounted on a tripod. Start off with the first rays, and as long as the sun is fully risen above the horizon.
How to remove the exhaust

Advice 4: Where the final mark

Prom popular now than ever. The end of kindergarten, elementary school, University - all this is a wonderful occasion to meet a friendly company and to demonstrate specially bought for the occasion outfit. Headache same pain parents become the venue of the occasion. And such that the children were supervised and the parents were able to relax a little.
Where the final mark

In order to celebrate graduation in kindergarten, you need a little. A budget option is to invite the animators directly into the band and a couple of hours to give children the power of games and competitions. As a decoration you can use balloons and paper posters. By the way, to carry out the last possible to attract graduates themselves, entrusting them with newspaper, making of garlands, flags and other decorations. Parents will contribute to the design of festive sweet table. As a rule, children don't need much: pastries, savory sandwiches, colorful canapés and sweet soda or tea. You can send a group to the children's center, where they will see experienced workers that will ensure and sweets and games and filling feast. Discuss the financial side of the issue preferably in the presence of all the parents in advance before your prom to avoid unpleasant surprises and resentment.

Graduation in elementary school you can also spend in a classroom or auditorium. Teachers will be interested with the children to prepare a theatrical production for school theme. Well, children are happy to try on the role of host, and after the presentation with their parents sit at the dinner tea table. The final mark in cafe is impractical, because the holiday is not only food, but also pleasant impressions from communication and games. To take on the nature of younger students is also desirable. You simply will not be able to provide them with adequate security.

The main prom in each person's life takes place after school. Yesterday's students already feel quite adults to celebrate the holiday "really". In this case, there are several options in the evening. You can the entire class to go to the camp. It is necessary to agree in advance about housing, dining, or places for kebabs. Be sure to take means from mosquitoes and midges, and Allergy medications. But alcohol should be careful: immature organisms do not tolerate the combination of fresh air and spirits. And the rest will be much more diverse if instead of beer to take a volleyball net, a ball and a guitar.

Costly option of renting a night club suitable for inhabitants of large cities. They are there for the money will not only get the opportunity to hang out, but decent menu, full bar and host. Girls need to find the two looks: the solemn ceremony of awarding of certificates and a short disco. To get in the club, both independently and orderly, ordering a large bus. A holiday in a cafe or club is convenient because you don't have to worry about anything, including entertainment. As a rule, all schools will book the venue of the prom beforehand, so that you will have to decide in the fall, collect the money and pay for the booking.

Wherever you are celebrating prom night, be sure to bring your camera or camcorder. Because, to paraphrase the old song, it won't happen again. Enjoy the moment!

Advice 5: How to spend prom

Prom only happens once in life. That is why it needs to keep only the most vivid and unforgettable impressions. But in order to hold it at the highest level, you will need to work hard in advance to plan everything, to think through to the smallest detail and - most importantly - have a positive attitude.
How to spend prom

Parent meeting: the main issues on the agenda

To avoid fuss and without haste to solve the main school issues, usually in September held a parent meeting, which determined the further fate of the prom.

Key points in this meeting are:
- the venue of the prom;
entertainment and main program;
- photographer and cameraman;
- transport;
the gifts from the graduates of the school.

The choice of venue for graduation

When discussing the best locations for prom do not miss the following options.

1. Restaurant. Such an institution is the most popular place to celebrate graduation. Everything here is included: music, table service.
However, prom in the restaurant - not cheap. And parents have to pay a pretty decent sum which will be easier to collect gradually, starting from the beginning of the school year.

2. Cafe, bar, night club. Usually this is a fallback, if the restaurant is busy. The only negative - a small room. And everyone is welcome to share the occasion with alumni will feel the tightness and discomfort.

3. School (Assembly hall, dining room). Rather, it is the economy option. Unfortunately, often the celebration high school graduation is not enough of enchanting and chic.

4. Boat. The best option only for those cities that have nearby water bodies. However, if you have the opportunity to hold graduation on the ship, the evening is sure to be filled with romance.

The choice of the program prom and other necessary details

The whole evening just sitting there and sometimes being distracted by the dancing, too banal and boring. It is therefore necessary to consider the program to the smallest detail. This can be a theme party in retro style or, on the contrary, in the spirit of the 18th century.

Costume party - quite an original option for the prom, and the girls will support this idea. Further, depending on the choice of the subjects of the evening is to make a script, come up with contests, games and other exciting entertainment.
Most importantly - try not to repeat the options for prom in the previous years and create something of their own that is close in spirit only.

For help you can contact the company and they, taking into account all your wishes, will make your holiday unforgettable. But it will also entail cash costs. Although, on the other hand, prom happens only once in a lifetime!

Usually all the questions on preparation of the prom decide for themselves parents, but the children also should not stand in the way. The asset class can prepare a "skit" is a short program with comic performances, parodies and one joint farewell performance as a gift to teachers.

Remember that it is not important, where to hold prom. Most importantly - "how" and "who". More positive energy, joy, and the evening would be a success!
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