First, find the coordinates of all with whom he once studied. These data can be like the teachers who maintain contact with alumni or live in the same city and from other classmates. With the advent of various social networks to tell your friends about the upcoming meeting becomes easy, it is only necessary to register.
Consider the meeting place and determine material costs for the evening. This amount should include flowers and gifts to teachers or school, renting a cafe or grocery shopping, if you are going to celebrate the holiday in nature. Also, don't forget about the cute Souvenirs for all who will come, they will remind them about the meeting. And the amount of split, who exactly is going to come – let them transfer it to your Bank card.
Don't forget the thematic component of the eveningand it has not turned so that all gathered in the same classroom and don't know where to start. Maybe it will be a poem or song that was the anthem of the school – you decide, but the host-the host must be present at the event. Otherwise, it's a mess, and when things will start to remember the old jokes and funny stories, someone will be forgotten, and on the life of each other you will learn nothing. Solemnly give the floor to teachers – let them remember what you were in the 11th grade. And hang fun posters with fun pictures from the past.
Determine what action will be Central to your meeting. You might decide to lay the alley of graduates " and plant the tree in the school garden. And maybe play a comic game "What? Where? When?" - graduates against the teachers, or watch the best shots from prom night. Alternatively, you can arrange an impromptu competition "Hello, we are looking for talent" and handing out prepared leaflets with jobs to sing a ditty about a school poem to tell or invite to slow dance Director). If you meet in a cafe, pick up fun games and contests, role play a scene of fairy-tales. And always in the morning to see the sunrise!