Selection of clothes for reunion for women

Going to an event like homecoming, you need to know exactly where it will take place, what will the program. If there's disco, a short dress with a deep neckline and shoes with high heels would be quite appropriate. In General, dress to fit the place. If you plan on dinner at an upscale restaurant, then evening dress is the best option. In it you will not remain unnoticed. A festive way to pick up beautiful jewelry and accessories. This can be a fun necklace, warm stole, scarf, bag and so on.

If the meeting takes place in school or a small cafe, dress should be more modest. Perfect tailored trousers, pencil skirt with a dressy blouse. You should not wear a white shirt is too formal. You can wear the knitted dress with a beautiful tights. If the dress is sleeveless, top, throw a Bolero, stole or scarf. As decoration use a string of pearls. Complete the outfit with a thin belt and heels.

If the meeting is held in the fall, on feet wear trendy ankle boots or high boots. But if you meet with classmates in the winter, take to the restaurant replaceable shoes. Don't forget to groom the hair. However, it is not necessary to build on the head of a wedding hairstyle. It is better to give preference to bulk stacking.

Selection of clothes for reunion for men

For men, the reunion is also an important event. After all, this is another opportunity to demonstrate success at work and in life. Regardless of the place of the Banquet, dressed in the latest fashion trends. This will easily allow you to be the center of attention. Forget the old jeans. A business suit would be appropriate. But don't choose the conservative black. Let the clothes will be blue, brown, gray. The neck can be decorated with chain and finger to wear an interesting ring.

The white shirt is too formal. Replace it with any other solid colors. But the tie pick up the colorful and unusual, even if in real life you don't wear. On homecoming, you can afford a little more.

If you have expensive leather shoes, wear them without a shadow of a doubt. Classmates and schoolmates, first and foremost, pay attention to your shoes. Very important for men are the accessories: mechanical watch, black leather purse, purse, fashion hat, branded sunglasses. They do look stylish and business-like.