Before pruning a ficus tree, visualize how you want it to be. If you are satisfied with the height of the tree and you want to stimulate the emergence of lateral shoots, can prischipnut only the tip of the growth point. Remove young the top sheet with a piece of stalk length of 2 cm, But if the plant resembles a long stick, but not branching, cut your ficus shorter at 5-7 cm above the desired sheet.
To properly trim a ficus, wash thoroughly and sterilize better tool that will cut (knife or shears). Otherwise there is a risk of infection in a fresh cut. Clean and properly made cuts will heal faster and will not spoil the appearance of ficus. Use the scissors only for removal of very thin twigs. If you cut them in the trunk or large escape, your plant will get hurt.
On small branches of cut can be done in a straight line. If you cut the trunk, then the incision needs to do oblique (top slice over the kidney, down the opposite side at the level of the kidneys). Not cut deeply into the branch or trunk from which you separate the unnecessary escape.
If on the one hand the plant looks more luxuriant than the other, the grown tree branches can be shortened by cutting up to branching or leaf (kidney). Thus you can simulate the desired direction of growth: a new branch will grow in the direction of the last sheet of the branch.
What are the branches of the ficusand you should remove:- interwoven;
- curved or irregular shape;
- prevent the normal growth of plants;
- to make untidy tree.Always remove only the weak branch. Cut the ficus every 2-3 years, you will keep it attractive and healthy.