Put the bottom of the flower pot expanded clay layer of 2 cm, Pour the soil mixture consisting of equal parts of compost, peat and leaf soil.
Put 2-5 saplings of ficusand, depending on how you want to braid the trunks of plants. If in the form of a spiral, it is enough 2 plants. For a complex weave will require a greater number of trunks. Looks very nice circular lattice is when pissy planted in a circle in a big pot and then braid.
Care for the planted seedlings until they reach a length of 15 cm, as smaller difficult to work with. The bark on the cuttings should Mature to orderevent), the shafts are to be not less than 0.5 cm thick, then braided the plants will look more beautiful.
Place the plant in the bathroom, cover the soil with plastic bag and turn on the hot water to form steam. Leave the pot on for some time, so that the trunks become flexible.
Now spin them the way you want – spiral, braid or other weave. Need to leave small holes. Then trunks, this place will grow and there will be bulges that will give the plant a special look.
Fasten the trunks of ficuss, use the role of fixers twine, plastic film, wire, strong thread. Below the junction of the fused faster, you can carefully remove the bark to the cambium. Wipe the slices from the juice and tightly press the barrel latch. To wire or thread has not grown into the bark, replace them with new ones every month. As soon as the plants grow, the netting goes on.