You will need
  • Strap,
  • - immedediately or straplock.
The first step is to make sure that the guitar strap is made of quality material and in the case of serious tension will not break. All buckles should be made carefully, and the material that the guitar is suspended to immedediately is really durable and resistant against wear. The best material is undoubtedly the skin, which is stronger than any synthetic substitute.
There are several ways of fastening the belt. With a standard mount through the hole on the edge of the strap is fixed "straelen" (guitar holder). This is the least reliable method that does not require much effort. The reason of insecurity is the rapid wear of the holes of the belt. Moreover, the quality of the material in this attachment plays a minor role.A more reliable method is to install streplace (belt lock). Often it comes together with a strap. Strap locks are made from metal or plastic. Metallic have best quality, while plastics have a lower price and does not require special efforts during installation.
Straplock is screwed using the screw on the place of the old remediates. The hidden bracket is a bit more complicated, it is necessary to drill a hole the desired diameter. When correctly installed, the countersunk strap locks provide a more secure clamping of the belt and the tool in this mounting more tight to the body, providing comfort during the game.