Easier (and safer) just to use the holders for guitars that are specifically designed for convenient and reliable placement of the instrument in the room. However, if you found the inspiration you need seconds to remove the guitar from such a holder, while unpacking the instrument from the case will make you to spend much more time and effort. Guitars are usually placed either in a rack on the floor or hung on the holder on the wall. The second option is more convenient if you need to save space in the room.
Holder for guitars, usually made according to the principle of tongs, a semicircular bracket, covered with a soft material such as foam rubber to not scratch the fretboard. In width it more than the vulture, but smaller than its head, where the tuning pegs. In a music store you this thing will cost about 300 rubles. A few minutes of diligence, and the tool will finally find a place in your home. To attach the fixture to the wall, you will only make some holes and attach the mount with nails or screws.
You can make a wall holder homemade. You'll need two metal pins or very long and strong nails. They need to be built into the wall parallel to the floor at such a distance from each other that between them held the neck, but it was too narrow for his head. That is the principle of operation is the same as the brand holder. The reliability of such a device will be reduced. Another option for the lazy owners of marching guitars, that is tools that do not mind. Tied in the same place where it was attached would be the guitar on the holder, a rope with a noose. It remains only to drive a nail into the wall and hang it on your tool.