The case or cover?

The first step was the purchase of the cover. Consider how you wear the guitar. If the tool is expensive, better to buy him a hard case: it will reliably protect the tool from bumps, temperature changes and humidity. The cases there is only one drawback – they are quite expensive. But for a good guitar this is an ideal option. Cheap tool can also be worn in case. They come in several types. In stores quite often sell a guitar with fabric. Once to bring the tool in such a "shell", of course, possible, but it is better to buy or sew an insulated cover for the batting. Insulated cover you can sew with your hands of calendered nylon, polyester or leather.
The case is convenient in that it can be put and other necessary things, like strings, Capo, etc.

Fill the case

The guitar need to keep in order. For this, first, need to wipe like the one that wipe the screen. You will also need:
- spare strings;
- the Chuck key to tighten the tuning pegs;
the key is to set up (if the guitar with a removable fretboard);
is the tuning fork;
- metronome;
- mediator (except for those who are going to play the classics).

You could buy the same place and the guitar. Only cloth, you may have to walk to the computer store. If it is not possible to purchase a tuning fork or metronome, do not worry. The first time you can do the electronic for the benefit of guitar sites these programs are.
Besides, who wants to learn to play classical guitar, you will need a bench. Future rock musicians or performers of bard songs would be useful suspension.

Do you need notes?

Someone who is going to play classical music, the notes, of course, you need to know. What a collection to buy – tell the teacher. If you are going to learn by yourself, buy learn to play six string or seven-string guitar depending on what your tool. For those who want to study only the accompaniment, it is very useful to find the chord table guitar series, and tablatures of popular songs. The determinant may be in the form of tablets. Tablature (i.e. drawings, which string on what fret you need to press if you want to play a particular chord) are found in books and on the popular guitar sites. Tablature will allow you to take the right chord even to those who don't know music.

Whether the player computer?

Learn to play the guitar, of course, and without a computer. But special programs can significantly ease the process. First and foremost, pay attention to GuitarPro. It has tuner (autonecrosis), and the determinant, and consistency. However, the software license, but you can find a free demo version. In addition, there are analogues. The computer program is designed primarily for those who play the electric guitar, but it will help and studying the classics.