Identify the priority recipients of your election program. First of all, they must be those citizens, those social strata that have the potential to give you their votes. It's the people that are not configured obviously negative in regards to your political figure and, therefore, for their final opinion can be influenced. Another target group are, of course, your personal supporters or adherents of one political force you represent.
Rate in its program the current situation in the region, pay attention to the most pressing problems. Analyze the performance of their competitors, in particular, the current holder of the post, the struggle for which you are doing. Explain why you will be able to solve the current problems, tell us what steps you are going to take this and what effect is expected of them.
If your identity is not yet known to the locals enough and your starting rating is very low, resort to the help of social advertising. Your pre-election program will be able weight Supplement harsh statements regarding the problems of alcoholism, Smoking or environmental protection. It will help to draw attention to the broadest range of your potential voters.
Develop its own unique political image. The formation of a certain relationship of the voter to the candidate will facilitate bringing the necessary information to the target audience. This image will be the basis, the core for the whole political rhetoric of a candidate during the election campaign. The first step in the formation of the image is often a formal statement of the candidate about the beginning of his participation in the election contest.