For vacation use only periods when travel activity is falling. Seasonal discounts are available at this time. For example, the end of summer and before it starts to rest on Baikal is possible with huge discounts. The price at this time sometimes up to half the cost of the summer tour. Rest on lake Baikal at this time has many advantages. Nature in these months, attracted by its beauty and small population occurring in remarkable places. Discover all the delights of the non-tourist season. For example, all of mostly tend to visit Baikal in the summer. But few of them saw flowers in the spring, watched colorful Baikal forest in early autumn, as well as the amazing ice on lake Baikal.
Collect to stay a group of classmates, colleagues or just acquaintances, as in this case, you can schedule a group discount. Discounts will be greater, the more you earn the group. This will save you both water excursions and on car trips. Mainly because in such cases a fully paid trip by boat or by bus, regardless of the number of tourists. The holiday price is several times reduced, and you also relax more fun in the company.
Use for walking Cycling and Hiking routes. So you will save again and get the health benefits from exciting Hiking the whole group or family, breathing fresh Baikal air. If you wish, you can enjoy privacy in secluded corners of nature.
Combine a vacation with volunteer work. That is, offer their services to owners hostels or hotels in exchange for food and housing. For example, work as a nanny, a waiter, janitor rooms, a seller of Souvenirs, guide. Two days – two guests. Thus the students and the accumulated experience and practice of foreign languages.
Where you can relax on the lake – so it is in small hotels. Stay in small hotels for recreation, as prices are much cheaper. In such hotels, few rests, so you can better get closer with the owners and learn more about local customs and life on the lake. And in a small family run guest houses to your wishes and personal characteristics will include more than carefully. Pre-plan your holiday as booked rooms in hotels are much cheaper. Especially if you are going to relax in the season when all the available and attractive vacation spots are busy.