You wish to explore the historic sights of lake Baikal? Then you should ride the train at the Circum-Baikal railway, the length of which is equal to 85 km. the Path passes through 39 tunnels, 470 culverts and 16 galleries. During the trip there are several Hiking excursions thanks to which you will become familiar with the nature and history of lake Baikal, can be photographed against the background of the beautiful lake. On the way you will show several films, which tells about the flora and fauna of the Siberian region. The perfect time of year for such travel is the fall.

The train departs from the railway station of Irkutsk and Slyudyanka. You can organize a trip for groups, but for this, you must first apply. More detailed information on the cost of the ticket, schedule and route information please call: 8(3952) 202-973 or 8(3952) 727-970.

If you want to spend time on the shore of lake Baikal in a big and noisy campaign that may go on the coast of the Small sea. This is the tide lake that separates the Olkhon island from the mainland. There is a set of bases of rest, hotels. If you prefer to relax in the tents are located directly on the shore of the lake. To get to destinations by bus, which departs daily from June to August from Trud stadium in Irkutsk city from 9 am to 12 noon. If you come to Irkutsk by rail, to reach the stadium, take minibus No. 20 or No. 64, which stops at the stop station. If you arrived in town by plane, to reach the departure point by bus # 80 and also in the minibus №20 and №61.

You want swim? Then go to Sandy Bay! This place is the warmest on the lake. Bay limited the most beautiful promontories on both sides. Here you will see the cliffs that rise above the cover of the Primorsky ridge. In the summer time to get to the Sandy Bay accessible only by boat. High-speed ship departs from Irkutsk and Listvyanka. More information about the schedule and ticket prices you can call the box office river station, the number 8(3952) 287-467.