You will need
  • Centimeter
International clothing size XL corresponds to the Russian size 52-54. If you are in doubt whether you have identified your Russian size, you should conduct some measurements. Take a centimeter and measure the bust, waist and hips. Breast and hip must be measured, holding the most exposed points of the body. The waist also need to measure, not tightening centimeter, so that between the body and the measuring tape was easy to put the forefinger.
After you received measurement results, need to use a table of Russian dimensions. Find such a table simply on the Internet, also in such tables quite often printed in popular women's magazines. To use the table very simple. As a rule, in a table four columns: 1 clothing size 2 – bust 3 – waist 4 – hip. You received the value you want to substitute in the appropriate column, then you know your size. For example, size XL (52-54 Russian) correspond to the following values: chest 103-108, waist 86-91, hip – 109-113.
If your size is XL and you want to know which values will correspond to him in the American system, it is necessary to measure in addition to bust, waist, hips, and even growth. If your height: from 161,5 cm to 188 cm, then you need to use the size chart for the girls high and normal growth. In this table, international size XL correspond to the following values: chest – 103-110, waist 82-90, thigh – 109-117. If your height from 150 cm to 160 cm, then use the size chart for girls of small stature. Here size XL correspond a few other options: chest – 101-109, waist 81-89, hip – 108-115.