Most defective – the spring flooding, but even ordinary rain can significantly harm the basement room. To dig out Foundation to do an expensive waterproofing or storm drainage – all this is certainly correct, but very expensive.
There is a simple but effective method is to pump water from the basement using the sump pump. Their value is in the range of 2-10 thousand rubles.
So, below floor level, organize the receiving recess, into which insert a plastic barrel, pre -, in its side walls make the perforation holes with a diameter of 5-7 mm, this barrel will serve you as caisson working chamber).
The holes in the caisson was covered in water, wrap the barrel dornit or any geosintetika. On the bottom of the barrel pour gravel and smooth – he will serve as a cushion for the future Foundation of the pump. Now install the pump and fill the space between the barrel and the walls of the recesses with mortar.
As soon as the cavity is full, pump the float will rise up. When you have reached a certain level, the contacts on the starter motor are closed, and the pump begins to pump water. When the water is pumped and the pump will again fall down, the motor will stop.
Of course, water need somewhere to go. To do this, connect to the pump flexible hose, or install a system of plastic pipe, which will receive the water.
Do not worry if the water level will slowly fall. Don't forget, after the barrel is installed below the basement floor level and below the backfill on which is arranged the floor. Therefore, it will be removed not only the water accumulated in the basement, but will be drained to the base of the Foundation. And thus you can get rid of water and moisture.
Don't worry that the pump will drain the sump dry, in any case, the bottom will be a little bit of water, but this amount is not sufficient to dampness.
All these activities will help in case the water in the basement is a result of the rains, but if water saturated walls, it is necessary to do waterproofing of the walls.