You will need
  • - Bur;
  • - gravel or drainage pipe;
  • cover.
The structure of the soil is very heterogeneous and consists of permeable layers of sand and impermeable clay. Moisture penetrates through the top in the form of rainwater and meltwater. The top layer of the soil pervious to water, and she rushes down to the first loam. The liquid collects in underground lakes and "lenses". Gradually, it flows into the permanent ground water.
If you have a soil composed mainly of sandy layers, the water will not stay on your site for a long time. If the soil in your area contains a lot of clay, the water will cause a lot of trouble, Potapova pidmyvayuchy the basement and Foundation. Excess moisture is not the best way impact on your plantings, and as a result you can lose a crop.
To get rid of such problems, we need to get "perched" with drainage. Well pierce several confining layers of soil, and the water quickly finds its way to underground lakes, not stopping upstairs.
Even a borehole with a diameter of 10-15 cm will take a huge amount of excess groundwater. Using a drill, drill the hole. Its depth depends on the structure of soil on the site. Usually enough for 3-5 meters to divert the excess fluid to the deep permeable strata that will accept it.
Pipes for drainage perforated, through the holes they absorb moisture, so she freely went into. Special drainage pipe of the necessary diameter will drop into the hole. If the tubes are not, fill the hole clean large gravel to the top. Water between the stones, it passes. Cover top hole cover of suitable size and cover with soil. Note how place of wells, not to hurt her.
Make several of these drainage channels drainage of water on the perimeter of the country house and cellar. Well for many years will serve you, delivering from moisture.