The easiest and most affordable way to create high-quality system of drainageand to apply to a specialized firm. However, if the site is small and has serious problems with groundwater, it is better to do on their own. This will greatly save the cost of creating drainageNoah system.
His hands drainage suburban area, it is possible to do both outdoor and indoor. In the first case you can just restrict the network of drainagetion ditches that lead the water from the site to drainageNYM wells, and the second to be laid in the earth tube at a depth of about one meter.
For most compact parcel data does not require complete system of storm and groundwater drains with buried pipes far into the soil. Enough summer drainagetion system that is able to divert water from the roof and quickly dry the ground after the spring thaw.
Outdoor drainage for these purposes, to do is quite simple: it is necessary to determine the natural slope of the site and to dig a network of ditches, diverting water from where it is most crowded. The bottom of the ditches, it is desirable to fill broken brick, and the ditch to cover with turf. This is the most economical and easiest option. Unfortunately, it is very short-lived, and the gutters are constantly in need of care and cleaning.
More reliable is the draintion system of plastic tubes, in-depth 30-50 cm into the ground, complemented by wine and trays to collect moisture from the surface. This type of drainage requires a mandatory device drainagetion wells are used not only to store water but also for cleaning the pipes and monitoring the condition of the entire drainageNoah system.