In accordance with TK, you have a right, as an employer, to cancel the order on reduction of staff due to the changed circumstances. Unfortunately, TK does not contain a particular algorithm of actions of the employer in this case, but implied that he accepted the decision of the downsizing, and may issue orders abolishing the previously existing orders.
If 2 positions available in various branches or divisions of your organization, absolutely identical, then you can cancel the order on the reduction of only one of them. To apply for a similar position in another division priority right has an employee who was reduced in that case, if so specified in his employment contract.
Send the appropriate notice of cancellation of reduction of not only employees, but also to the labour Inspectorate and other bodies, which you were obliged to inform about the upcoming reduction in 2 months.
Make an order about the cancellation of your previous order (with indication of its serial number). Specify the reason for the cancellation (for example, improving the financial situation of the company, receiving a prospective order, etc.). In the text of the order specify that these are required to see the personnel Manager and the chief accountant to make adjustments in staffing and payment documents. In addition, the head of the personnel Department will need to notify about the cancellation order for all employees, to avoid reduction what mention in the text of the order as a separate line. Sign your name and indicate the date of preparation of this document.
Familiarize the personnel Department head and chief accountant with the order.
If you cut through any position and has dismissed the employee, then restore staff unit you will be able not earlier than 6 months.