To the sync error never appears, turn on the computer. Click "start" – "Accessories" – "Synchronization." In the resulting window you can see all devices on the local network with which you synchronize your computer while downloading. Remove all the objects and you will immediately notice how your PC has become faster.
Restart the equipment and check again the synchronization menu. If nothing, then everything is fine – your computer with nothing trying to make contact. If you are not able to eliminate this process, you have tried all the available ways reinstall the operating system. Carefully follow the installation in time to deactivate the sync function. Follow the health and performance of your system and, in the event of a problem, promptly take appropriate measures. Otherwise it may lead to system crash.
Automatically sync your PDA often occurs due to incorrect installation of operating system or unskillful use different programs. If you can't remove the synchronization, you will seek the help of a proven and experienced programmers or system organizers. They, with their many years of experience will solve your problems in the shortest possible time.
Currently, almost all of the licensed software synchronizes with the server of the website of the developer. This is done in order to nip in the Bud the possibility of pirated versions of software. However, since the majority of our citizens do not want to pay, almost all the software in the post-Soviet space is not licensed. You can use any software absolutely free. To learn how to use the program, read the manual.