Advice 1: How to clear the history of windows updates

Error messages appearing during the installation of updates, Windows may signal the need to remove temporary files updates. This task can be carried out by standard methods of the operating system and requires no additional third-party software developers.
How to clear the history of windows updates
Shut down the tool update Windows" and click "start" to bring up the main menu system.
Go to "control Panel" and select administrative tools.
Point to "Services" and open the link "Windows update".
Click "Stop" or go back to the main menu start to use the alternative method to stop the service.
Click "Run" and enter the value of cmd in the Open box for a "clean" operation log updates.
Click OK to confirm the command and specify a value net stop wuauserv in the command line field.
Press Enter to apply your changes and delete all the files contained in the folder %systemroot%SoftwareDistributionDataStore and %systemroot%SoftwareDistributionDownload.
Return to the main menu "start" and click "control Panel" to perform the recovery operation of the service "Windows update".
Point to "administrative tools" and select "Services".
Context menu item "Windows update" click the right mouse button and select "Start".
Return to the main menu "start" to perform the alternative method to clean log file system transaction Windows.
Enter a value for "Command prompt" in the search line and press Enter to execute the command.
Double-click on the line "Command prompt" from the list that appears and select "Run as administrator" to comply with Microsoft security Windows.
Enter the following value in the command prompt:fsutil resource setautoreset true drive:, where drive is the drive containing the operating system.Press Enter to confirm the command.
Restart the computer to apply the selected changes.
Useful advice
The implementation of some of the above commands imply the presence of administrative access to system resources.

Advice 2: How to stop Windows update

In operating systems of Windows is service "Automatic updates". Some users intentionally disable the feature of upgrading the system for various reasons: someone not connected with the Internet, someone has a slow connection, etc. anyway, this question day in and day remains relevant.
How to stop Windows update
You will need
  • Disable the service "Automatic updates".
Automatic update is used to receive important and critical updates. This service updates the version of the operating system and its components. In the presence of the Internet connection and the lack of automatic updates, there is a risk of penetration of malicious objects on your computer.
To change parameters of start the service "Automatic updates" or its complete deactivation, you must click on the "start" button. In the opened menu select "control Panel".
You will see a window where you can control many applications, and perform system configuration and its appearance. Locate the "Windows update" and double-click the left mouse button or press the Enter key.
In the window "Windows update" find the link "settings" which is located in the left part of the window. Click it to go to the settings upgrade.
Go to block "Important updates" and select "never check for updates (not recommended)". If you do not want to receive notifications for new system updates, uncheck points to recommended updates" and "Allow all users to install updates on this computer".
Click "OK" to apply the changes. Service Automatic updates has been disabled completely. To restore the service "Automatic updates" follow the same steps, placing a check mark next to "Get recommended updates" and "Allow all users to install updates on this computer".
All actions taken in this manual is intended for the Windows 7 operating system (similar to the action in Windows Vista).
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