Start the game and select the settings you need in the match. Then wait for to upload the entire game world. Select your faction and wait for login all your friends or add the desired number of bots in either team. When choosing a new card if you start the game with bots, is to wait until the analysis of the map, and bots will be able to function normally.
Weapons for battle! All assembled, and the match began to turn off autobalance players in teams, you need to run the game console button "~" ("e" - in the Russian layout) and enter a couple of commands:

1. mp_autobalanse 0 - disable the balance between the teams
2. sv_limitteams 0 - remove limits on the number of players

When entering commands, the console itself will prompt you to parse command options. Select the desired you can use the Tab key or the mouse.
Now you can continue the game without fear of shuffling of players from team to team to equalize the chances. It is also recommended to do a restart round command - restart to reset results.