The longer the fabric is a stain from wine, the harder it will be to withdraw. Immediately if the stain is not possible, then at least it needs to be rinsed with sufficient amount of cold water. Substitute dirty place under the faucet with running water or use a sprayer. Thanks to these emergency measures, the wine will not penetrate the fabric structure and will not wither there.
The stain of red wine is capable of dissolving acetic acid. Dissolve it in water. Observe the proportion: one part vinegar to two parts water. Use a sponge dipped in the resulting solution. If this procedure is performed immediately after contamination, the vinegar will completely remove the stain.
Saturate a sponge with dishwashing detergent. Blot it from the stain of wine. Then, using towels, which you need to pre-soak with hydrogen peroxide, and soapy liquid, remove with a tissue. Flush the area with running water.
There is another very effective method. Mix liquid soap with hydrogen peroxide. Components take in equal parts. Soak in the resulting solution a sponge. Then gently RUB the wine stain. Then this is the place you need to cover with a piece of cloth, liberally soaked in the solution for about 1 minute. Then have a clean sponge RUB the stain. It should be solved forever. When this happens, rinse the thing with cool water.