Buy a lottery ticket "Russian Lotto". It consists of two fields of 15 numbers each. Each line can be no more than 5 numbers. On each ticket there is a corresponding logo of "Russian Lotto" and the card number on which you will be able to reveal your win. Tickets can be purchased from distributors or in post offices, it is also possible to make a purchase through the payment terminal Qiwi or on the website
Find out the date and time of the drawing. This can be seen on the ticket or ask the distributor. The lottery "Russian Lotto" can be seen every Sunday on NTV at 08:15. Time to turn on the TV and watch the draw.
Cross out the matching number. In the first round defeat those who crossed out all the numbers in any horizontal row. In the second round, the winners are those who have all 15 numbers on one of the fields coincided with the pulled barrels. In the third round you need to cross out all the numbers of a lottery ticket to get a prize.
Check the draw results on the website if you don't view a lottery "Russian Lotto" on TV. Scroll to the "Test ticket", which specify the number of copies and ticket. Click "Check" and find out whether you got a prize.
Learn about the circulation of "Russian Lotto", which is printed in the Newspapers "SportLotto", "Work", "Evening Moscow", "Moscow truth" and so on. Check your lottery ticket with those that received prizes. If the numbers match, then contact the nearest office distributors for receiving a prize.
Check your account, if you buy tickets "Russian Lotto" via the Internet. If you were among the winning players ' prizes, this information will be reflected in the incoming correspondence.