First you need to choose the days in which you can enjoy always (exercise must be regular).

Classes start with General exercises aimed at the development of body muscles. To be convenient not only in the gym but also at home.
The first exercise is aimed at pumping the shoulder muscles and back muscles. Is it on the bar. To start, grasp the bar wide grip, and try to catch up so that you chin is above the level of the crossbar. Lower yourself down slowly, otherwise you will pull a ligament or muscle. Pay attention to the fact that fully straighten your arms and make a break should not be (better to repeat the exercise). The first time exercise without weights, give your muscles come in tone. And for those who are already engaged with extra loads, adding weight should only gradually, not straining the body breaking physical exercises.
To build chest muscles using push UPS. Start exercising is with six or eight repetitions, only eventually turning to 15 or 20 repetitions. To improve the efficiency of training follow one approach as much as possible the number of push-UPS (that is, it is better to do less approaches, but the spread of the maximum force).
To train leg muscles, do squats. To start training better with the optimal number of repetitions: ten to fifteen, not more. Over time, increase their number, bring it to a hundred. By the way, when you exercise, follow a few simple rules: keep your back straight, thighs parallel to the floor hold, and the back - straight. Practicing is the only way you will be able to work the greatest number of muscles in the legs.
Do not forget about the muscles of the arms: sit down and grab a dumbbell. Keep your backs straight, don't bend it. Raise the dumbbells (hands to bend it to the limit). Then lower the dumbbells, straighten your hands. Repeat this exercise 8-10 times, you need.