You will need
  • - invitation from Germany
Verify first whether your profession is in demand at the moment, please contact the consular office for employment in Germany. On the basis of the German legislation, foreign citizens cannot work in the country without the special permission of the Federal office for labour.
Prepare documents necessary for registration of the visa. The documents consists of three copies of the questionnaire with photographs of 4x5 cm in the German language with its own signature of the person who wants to obtain a visa, foreign passport and Russian with the indication of place of residence, contract of work or letter of invitation from Germany, permit companies for foreigners on employment. The validity of your passport should be at least 90 days longer than the term of the visa. All documents must be original (not a photocopy) and have two copies.
Pay the visa fee. For adults, the fee is sixty euros for children thirty. In addition to need additional documents, please be prepared to provide them. If submitted information is inaccurate or false, you will not be allowed to enter Germany and on the territory of other Schengen States.
Check the correctness of the data in the visa when receiving: period of visa validity, the number of possible entries into the country. If you are traveling with children, the visa must be indicated by appropriate mark. The procedure of obtaining a work visa usually lasts for several months. After the Embassy receives permission from the institution for foreigners, you will be notified in writing. If within 180 days after you filed the petition for the issuance of a work visa and has not received written notice, you can know the status of your application by phone.
Don't try to get a job illegally. You are not only socially not protected, but subject to deportation when identifying the violation.