Working visa in Schengen countries

Strictly speaking, a work visa in the Schengen area is the Schengen. This is a national visa, which you can stay for a certain time on the territory of the country where you applied for a visa, but not all the rest. Of course, to check where you were exactly, does not work. But it is not recommended to obtain a visa of one country, and to get a job in another.

For each of the Schengen countries obtaining a work permit involves its own characteristics, but common rule is that you first need to secure what the workplace is already waiting for you in the right country. Without papers to prove it, visa the citizens of Russia are not issued.

Exceptions are possible, for example, some agencies offer a work visa without an actual job placement. Before to agree on such a venture, find out what the laws of the country where you are going. Sometimes these do not require visas illegally, using fraudulent means. And then you can have problems in a country where going to work.

A job visa in Europe

Getting the work visa is straightforward, the main problem is finding work in Europe. Before you get a work visa, be sure to find a job in your chosen country. This can be done in several ways. First, you can try to find a suitable vacancy online. If you highly qualified specialist (for example, engineers are highly valued in the Schengen countries), you only need to convince a foreign employer that you are the best candidate.

Secondly, as the Internet to get a job is not always easy, some pre-get a tourist visa trying to get a job with her. Once agreement is reached, the person goes home and makes working for a national visa, having contact with the employer.

Another option is to find a job if you already have a national visa. This is possible if you study in one of the Schengen countries and entitled to stay in the country legally. Not all student visas allow you to work, but to look for work, staying in the country for them, it is not forbidden.

It is also sometimes possible to get a visa especially for job search. Not all, but some countries give such. This issue should check with the Consulate of the state where you want to go.

Work visa

Usually working visa in the Schengen countries is issued for a period of one year. Further it is extended or reissued permit, depending on the rules of a particular country.

For registration you need to provide an invitation from the employer to work or show inmate contact, in any case need the original document. Also, the employer can apply to the local immigration authorities, who will write you a permission to stay in the country. As for a tourist visa, you will need application form, passport, photo, insurance. Two further documents, which may require: a certificate stating that you have no criminal record, and medical certificate on the absence of certain diseases.